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Collect & analyse data to tell you something you didn't know


Translate your 3-5 year strategic plan into  annual and monthly targets

External -  How are you performing compared to the best-in-class?

Company DNA

Internal - What is the nature of your company and how is it performing internally?

Strategic Plan


Utilising discrete event simulation, motion tracking and digital value stream mapping we understand your business as a system.

“Recognising the problem is more important than finding a solution because the exact description of the problem leads almost automatically to the correct solution.” Albert Einstein

One of our core principles is to always make data-driven decisions. The data we use forms the basis for making informed decisions. Whether quantitative or qualitative, we work closely with our clients to extract meaningful and actionable insights. Our unique position allows us to understand what is best-in-class, what new trends are emerging and what the future state could look like.


We believe that it is critically important to get things right from the start and ensure we are solving the most impactful problems, with the greatest potential.

For that reason, we conduct an extensive, robust assessment, identifying external - strategic growth and internal improvements. The external potential is identified through benchmarking and understanding what best-in-class looks like. Your internal potential is uncovered through the creation of a DNA profile, outlining what makes every company unique and where support is required.

Discrete event simulation, digital value stream mapping and motion tracking are all used. A complete picture of how each of your processes interacts with each other and as a system is developed.

The way in which we conduct our assessments ensures we take a 'bigger picture' view of what the future could look like, breaking industry paradigms and uncovering every organisation's true potential.

Gap to Potential

Combine external and internal potential to show what your future could look like

The gap to potential translates all we have found into numbers - how much can you improve and in what areas. Whether we identify scope for untapped growth opportunities, cost savings, quality enhancement or lead time reductions etc, this is where we outline what the future could look like.

Execution Roadmap

Step by step implementation roadmap of initiatives to reach your goals

Having understood the gap to potential, a detailed roadmap/action plan then paves the road to improvement, ready to be implemented in the second phase of the FlowPlus methodology.