Start working smart with these amazing productivity tools

We live in a world where hard work, when not coupled with smart work, is of no use. And, thanks to technology we’ve got so much at our hands that can help us evolve from being just hard worker to become a smart worker.

Whether you talk about time management, task management or content management, there are virtually endless numbers of tools available out there which can simplify these activities for you.

If you feel like you’re running short of hours in a day to finish your work-activities, then you must look at these tools. And, I’m sure they will help you get your work-life on track and move towards becoming more productive at work.

Here it goes - 1. Workzone

Workzone has emerged as an easy-to-use, cloud-hosted project management and document collaboration app. Workzone is used to organize tasks and subtasks in a project, assign roles and receive notifications when a task is completed. Due to its robust features, it has been rated among the most mature and user-friendly online project management software.

2. ProofHub

As a project management software with a complete package of features needed to simplify the way teams handle their work, ProofHub simplifies the complex art of project management. Create projects, add your team members, assign them roles, create tasks, start online discussions, view reports, track time, and lot more. The list of features is really really long! You can check more about the feature and it’s reviews here at

There are notes and files as well. So you can maintain your work repository within ProofHub, and don’t have to worry about your documents and files being scattered across multiple platforms, and save yourself from all the hassle. It’s like everything you need to plan your projects and collaborate with your team members and clients is put together at one place in the form of ProofHub.


Time is money. Time is the most important thing for an employee. And, what not. We have heard all this. But, how to make sure that we use this commodity to the fullest? How can we manage our time in a better way? That’s exactly what Toggl has been designed to do.

Toggl is a time tracking app with a clear and easy to use interface. You can add your projects and team members to keep track of every second that’s being spent at work. You can add tags, which can help you manage your billable and nonbillable hours. So, you can easily manage where your time. And, the beautiful reports generated automatically help you keep an eye on where your time is being spent. All in all, you can make the most out of every second that you have.


Blinkist is a tool that makes sure you make the most of your time by learning new things. The tool presents summaries of best selling books so that you can get to their crux without spending long hours, reading them thoroughly. There is also an option to listen to the audio version of the books as well. With more than 1000 books in their library, Blinkist makes learning on the go simpler, easier and much more fun. These books include the best self-help books, time management topics, non fiction books, current affairs, history, popular science books, psychology and productivity books and what not.

You can sync the books in your Blinkist library and access them whenever you want to wherever you want to. So, you can continue the learning process no matter where you are; whether you have internet access or not. The best part is that Blinks (the crux/summaries of the books, as these guys call it) are not created using any computer program or algorithms. There are real people behind every blink. For people who are always on the run, and feel they don’t have time to read books, Blinkist comes as a blessing in disguise.

5. Yammer

We all know the importance of team communication in projects. Poor team communication means poor chances of the success of a project. But, Yammer makes sure that team communication is never a problem.

You can create a group on which your team is working, and add the team members in it to share ideas and updates. You can even create private groups, and keep their access only to limited people. Plus, you can upload files, images, videos and start conversing with the team members all in one place. Acquired by Microsoft in the year 2012, the app is free of cost and is also available for iOS, android and windows as well. Just like their headline says “make better decisions faster”, you can eventually take the ease of team communication and collaboration to the next level with this wonderful tool.

6. Boomerang

The company markets itself as an email productivity software. And, there cannot be a better explanation of what this tool does. It allows you to manage your email inbox without spending hours working for it. Schedule emails, set follow up reminders and do lot more; there is so much that you can do with this amazing productivity app.

From helping you remember to pay bills on time, scheduling a birthday note, communicating with people in different time zones to making sure that you follow up on important emails, Boomerang lets you do all that, and lot more. And, it is available for android and mobile versions as well. So managing your email inbox without creating a ruckus in your life is now possible.

That sums up our list. And, this is not to say that there are no other options available out there. There are, but these are some of the best and simplest to use. So if you are looking to make your work life simpler, then trying out these tools should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Written by: Proofhub

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