Sustain and grow your results with these 3 steps





Problem Solving Training

We develop your internal capabilities to solve problems autonomously

Daily Improvement 

Making team performance visible, we empower employees to identify areas for improvement

Habit forming

Weekly meetings provide a routine where the most important problems are solved.

FlowPlus™ has developed a training programme specifically to help clients sustain and improve the results achieved throughout the Implementation phase.

Over 90% of our clients continue to use our training, after the assessment and implementation phase

We believe we have been successful when our clients become internally capable and autonomous to solve complex problems by themselves. Problem-solving training provides the foundation for all employees to make continuous improvements. 

Daily improvement huddles take place to identify KPI deviation and ensure opportunities for improvement are tracked. All employees gain a voice to identify and target any areas for improvement and record them.

Weekly routines are formed where teams can put their problem-solving skills to use and tackle the opportunities identified.