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Productive Workspaces

Learn how principles developed for automotive manufacturing can help employees work more productively

How to create a productive environment. 5S, ergonomics and design tips


Find out how the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen can transform your business

Kaizen. Continuous improvement article. Incremental improvements with breakthrough

Warehouse Optimisation

With an increasing customer expectation for same-day delivery, how can you keep up?

warehouse opt pres.png

Collaborative Problem Solving

Solving problems as close to the source is the key to reacting quickly. Learn a robust way to solve complex problems

collaborative problem solving.png


The little known tool that can provide huge insights and uncover vast improvement potential

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Design makes up over 80% of a product's quality. Learn how to take this to your advantage.

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Strategy summary - how to get sustainable growth

Not another theoretical article about strategy, learn the step by step approach of how to deploy a successful strategy

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Reduce machine downtime and boost productivity by utilising a total productive maintenance strategy

voice of customer pres.png

Understanding and reacting to  customer requirements in the fastest possible time is critical for business success

setup elimination pres.png

Learn why task switching and setup time is much more important than expected